PDF settings

Adobe CS3 or Above

The following CS3 PDF settings are available for you to download and set up for printing at CJ King. In most cases these settings will be acceptable for CS2 systems as well. Simply click on the link below to download the instructional PDF and follow the steps.

PDF Settings Guide

All of the production RIPs at CJ King are set up using Adobe production software, If you are using a Non-Adobe product (Corel, Quark, etc.) some errors may result.  CJ King & Co Printers cannot be held responsible for any printing problems that result from system incompatibilities. 

If you have any doubts, please call our production staff on 07 5528 9228 for further assistance before uploading your PDF for printing.

Corel Settings

Please note the following if you are a Corel user. At CJ King we only accept files supplied in PDF format for printing that are compatible with our Adobe CS formats. While it’s a great design program, CorelDraw has its own built in PDF functionality and, from time to time, PDF files created in CorelDraw have conflicted with the Adobe CS standards.

At times, the irregularities between Adobe and other non-Adobe PFD files have resulted in some unavoidable printing problems. While we welcome your Corel PDF files, CJ King & Co cannot accept responsibility for file conflicts between Adobe and non-Adobe produced PDF files.

There are a number of precautions clients can carry out to minimize the likelihood of these files conflicting, but the responsibility is on the customer to ensure the PDF is print ready to CJ King’s acceptable standards.

While conflicts between Corel generated PDF files and Adobe CS are becoming less common (about 3% overall) there is still a likelihood, so we have a number of steps that you can take to minimize these.

We will attempt to update this list from time to time, but please note that these suggestions will NOT guarantee your CorelDraw PDF will print faultlessly, however they should be more stable when processed through our Adobe CS RIP. Each time Adobe upgrade their PDF setting, it can put CorelDraw programs out of step resulting in other conflicts, so we suggest you regularly look for ‘Patches & Fixes’ at www.corel.com


Try to convert your gradients to a 300dpi bitmap (with transparency), this may counter the likelihood you’re your object tiling.

Drop shadows
Break your drop shadow apart from your object and convert it to a bitmap as with gradients (above).

Convert ALL fonts to ‘curves’. The vector based image is not likely to default to a substitute font in the PDF process.

Corel PDS Settings
There is a link below that will give you a list of ‘suggested’ settings that may work better than some Corel default settings. Note these are suggestions only and will not guarantee results.
Need more help?
Please call 07 5528 9228 if you need any assistance setting up your Corel files for printing.