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Custom manual job submission form, for orders that are not covered by the online system.

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To manually submit your artwork, please complete this form and attach your artwork. Once you click on the 'SUBMIT' button, your order will be processed by our Orders Department. Remember to have your credit card details handy as you will be contacted by a member of our Accounts Department to arrange payment prior to proceeding with the printing.

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Only artwork supplied in PDF format will be accepted for printing. Please ensure you have set your artwork up and saved it in the correct format. Further details can be obtained by viewing our Print Spec Guide and browsing the standard product guidelines. If you are unsure if your artwork complies with our requirements, please call 07 5528 9228 for assistance.

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Note: It takes a few minutes to upload files depending on the file size and your connection speed. Once successfully uploaded, you will be notified that your file has been placed on our server, please note this is your confirmation. PLEASE DO NOT UPLOAD ANY FILE OVER 50MB. CONTACT US FOR FILE DELIVERY, OR UPLOAD A BLANK PDF WITH DETAILS.

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** Please note a 2.0% surcharge is incurred when making payment by: Mastercard, Visa or EFTPOS. We do not accept any other credit cards