Common Errors

Here is a short list of common errors that can occur in the pre-press process. For FAQ please consult the FAQ page, below is a list errors and quick solutions that may result in the prepress process.

White text or white object has disappeared on print job.

This is an overprinting error that Adobe software does warn you about. Overprinting is a process where you set an object to multiply (mix) with the colour below it. Unfortunately, if you multiply a white colour over the top of a dark colour, the white disappears. Unfortunately, this is a prepress and design error, and not the responsibility of CJ King.

Fonts are appearing as Hyroglyphics or incorrect font.

Due to the immense flooding on the internet of 'dodgy' fonts, and also the varied platforms that can be used to create artworks, we highly recommend outlining your fonts. We cannot guarantee the digital step process in rendering to output that all fonts will be perfect. 99.9% of the time they are, but we highly recommend you outline your fonts before sending your files to us.