Books or Magazines

A4 / A5 Books or Magazines


A4:210mm x 297mm (Plus 3mm on each side)
A5:148mm x 210mm (Plus 3mm on each side)


Saddle Stitched or Perfect bound. Option of Self covering or Hard Cover Laminated (250gsm or 300gsm)/p>

Available in

Laser: 80gsm , 90gsm or 100gsm
Artpaper: 130gsm and 150gsm pages, Self Covering or Hardcover 250gsm or 300gsm Cover

Artwork/ Design requirements

Books have specific requirements when it comes to setting up the artwork.

  • Minimum 3-5mmm bleed is strongly recommended for books, especially saddle stitched books where creep can effectively reduce the finished size of pages as they get closer to the centre of the book.
  • Keep page numbers and text etc, minimum 5mm away from edges. This is especially important for saddle sticthed books as the “creep” (see glossary of terms) has the effect of minimising the width of pages as they get closer to the centre of the book. This is especially noticeable in thicker books, where creep may reduce the finished size of a page by 1mm or so.
  • Always supply art as a multi-page PDF (in single page sections) ie a 12 page A4 book would be supplied as a 12 page pdf. Page 1 is always the cover and page 12 the back cover.