Autopsy Report

Please complete this form and submit it you have experienced a problem with your artwork. Please understand that we are a manufacturer and although we do our best to rectify the issues before they leave our factory, problems do occur.

Please complete all of the details below to prevent your Autopsy request form from being delayed. ( * Denotes Mandatory Fields ) Also, Please consult the Terms and Conditions of Trading with cjking before lodging an Autopsy form.


  1. 1) We do not guarantee colour matching through our online systems, so all colour complaints will be disregarded. If colour matching is required it is to be run as a stand alone job and quoted by (no exceptions)
  2. 2) If objects are missing 99% chance is it an overprint issue. please check your pdf with an overprint preview on acrobat to see if the result matches the preview.
  3. 3) We do not accept any issues regarding artworks
  4. 4) Re-Orders aren't guaranteed to match unless it is specifically stated prior to production with samples given to cjking.

ALL customers will be REQUIRED TO RETURN THE FULL JOB to dispatch (for pickup) or QLD Office in order to process and finalise any reprint. Failure to do so will result in the Autopsy not being processed. This is an unfortunate requirement from too many false Autopsies being lodged.

Autopsy Report Form

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