About Us

We (at CJ King & Company Printers) have been established for over 23 years and throughout this time have provided printing services for over 9,000 Printers, Designers, Print Brokers and retail customers throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Our philosophy has been to develop an incredibly efficient and simple operation that standardises all of the basic procedures within a print production facility. This, in turn leads to a reduction in our overall running costs, increased product quality and ensures prompt turn around times. Added to this is the jewel in the company’s crown, PressBoss, the exclusive online job placement system that has aided our rapid growth in the printing market. We have also embarked on a marketing and customer service strategy that sets our company apart from most other (trade and retail) print operations within the country.

PressBoss was originally an ‘off-the-shelf’ software package, called IWay, a package developed for digital printers. Over a 24 month period and at a significant development cost, we have completely redesigned (IWay) to suit the offset printing trade. Many of the changes we made have now been implemented by the system’s developers for world wide distribution.

Our aim has always been to develop an incredibly large client base and to offer extremely inexpensive pricing structures that would all prospective customers to use our company in preference to any other printer in the country. This was initially undertaken in Western Australia, with word spreading very quickly. We now have around 65% of our work shipped to the east coast and New Zealand.

The introduction of new and exclusive products like Blingfoil, Magnet printing, plastic cards and UV stickers, has set us apart from other printers. We are not afraid to invest our resources in developing a growing range of products that give you, (our client) an ever-increasing income stream.

Investing in our own growth has been paramount and we currently have 26 individual printing units, our entire range of Heidelberg printing presses and Metal Plate setters are ideally profiled to give consistent high quality printed products at all times.

Our very close association with Heidelberg Worldwide, lead to Heidelberg developing the world’s first 8 colour Perfector 52 press which we took possession of at the beginning for 2006. We installed a second 8 colour Perfector in 2007. We also installed a 8 Colour long perfector A2 press in 2011.

Entering the age of digital printing was made easy when we installed both a HP Indigo 7600 and an HP Indigo 5500 Digital Press. This coupled with our inhouse finishing, which includes perfect binding and saddle stitching, gives CJ King & Co the most amazing product range for an Australian Printer.